There are a variety of structures available that market themselves as pig shelters, some are significantly better than others. However, our favourite kind of shelter for pigs is actually something that would be more likely sold or built as a wooden garden shed than a pig house. Whichever kind of structure you choose it must have a solid, raised floor. Anything that simply provides a cover for the pigs but leaves them sleeping directly on the earth is not suitable. It must have a floor, and full coverage on the top and three sides.

Ideal placement for a shelter is on your hard standing area. This will help keep it sturdy and level as the pigs move around inside and will also stop it from sinking into the mud during very wet weather.

Wooden Sheds

From Buy Sheds Direct


There are a huge variety of shapes and sizes available so you can find the best fit for your size and number of pigs. With a little tinkering they can make perfect pig shelters.

More affordable than most shelters of similar sizes designed specifically for pigs.

Wooden structures are best for temperature control. They are warmer in winter and cooler in summer than traditional metal pig arks.

The height of these sheds make cleaning them out so much easier. Access may also be vital if one of your pigs falls ill whilst inside their shelter and is unable tor unwilling to come out.


Most sheds purchased online arrive flat packed and require assembly. Some sellers will offer the optional paid extra of installation. They will require a solid base to build on.

Sheds may need some slight adjustments to accommodate pigs. Single door sheds may not have a wide enough entrance for some larger pigs. Doors will need to be set in place to prevent them swinging in the wind, whilst still allowing piggy access. We would suggest cutting the doors in half and adding extra hinges to create a barn door.

Your property may be subject to building regulations which require you apply for planning permission for structures over a certain size.

Metal and Wood Pig Arks

From Animal Arks


Wide range of sizes, including a high top option which allows for immediate entry and access.

Optional extras for all models including doors, insulation and ventilation.

Can be placed directly onto earth, does not require a hard standing base.

All sizes are available with raised wooden floors from which the ark can be detached for ease of access for cleaning and in case of piggy illness or injury.

Comes with tow chains for movement.


Prices listed are for arks that require self assembly. See the instructions on the website to assess how practical that may be for you. Pre-assembled options may be available on request.

Wooden rails in contact with the ground will require yearly treatment with preservative to extend the life of the ark.

Metal shelters are best placed in shade as the interiors can quickly over heat in direct sun light.

Plastic Pig Arks

From Solway


Made from durable recycled materials. Less prone to natural weathering than wooden alternatives.

Variety of sizes available. Largest size would be suitable for large breed pigs.

Easy to move, two or three reasonably strong people can simply lift and carry the smaller sizes.

Can be placed directly onto earth, does not require a hard standing base.


Low ceiling and small doorway will make cleaning out tricky and access to pigs in case of illness or injury a challenge.

Arrives flat packed and requires assembly on site.

Flooring does not come as standard but can be added to each size for an added cost.

Can be placed directly onto earth, does not require a hard standing base.

Home Built

Many of our past adopters have built their own piggy shelters, which is great option to save money and create a shelter which is designed to suit your specific set up. A couple of examples of home-built shelters are shown below.

There are more piggy shelters available for purchase online, including some second-hand. If you find an alternative option that you are interested in using we are more than happy to discuss the pros and cons with you. Just send us over a link or some photos!