Rehoming Application Form

Please read the information here before completing the form.

Important Notice

Due to our exceptionally large caseload, your application to rehome may be rejected if your form is incorrectly filled out or does not include sufficient information. We are a tiny team covering the whole of the UK and can no longer afford to spend time sending out follow-up emails requesting information missed from rehoming forms. We have to dedicate our time to finding homes for piggies like yours! You are welcome to resubmit your form for reconsideration, but if our application window is closed you will have to wait until it reopens the following month to resubmit.

If you are contacting us about pigs you do not own personally (stray pigs, welfare concerns etc) we understand you may be limited in the details you are able to provide. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability and we will discuss any issues with you after we receive your submission.

Please note, we cannot create a website profile for your pig/s without photographs of them. Carefully read all of the information below about the photographs we need. Your application may be rejected if insufficient photos are provided.

Photograph Requirements

~ If you are applying to rehome more than one pig, include a group shot of all of the pigs together. This is used as a header picture for their profile.

~ We require at least two photographs of each individual pig but we do recommend more. The best profiles show photos of pigs in variety of situations; eating, sleeping, sunbathing, digging, playing etc.

~ For each pig please provide photographs which show the full body of the entire pig, as well as photos in which their faces are clearly visible.

~ If you are applying to rehome more than one pig, please clearly let us know which pig is which. The best way to do this is to name each photo the name of the pig shown in it prior to sending. Do not write anything on the photos themselves.

~ We require very recent photos of your pig/s. A lot of your photos may be of your pigs when they were piglets, but we cannot use them for their profile. We need to give potential adopters a realistic representation of the pigs for which they are applying.

~ You must send full size images. We cannot use thumbnails, phone screen shots, or images that have been resized very small. If you find that the file sizes are too large to attach all of your photos in one email it is fine to send them all across in multiple emails.

~ Include at least one recent image of the pig/s next to an adult human to give us an accurate idea of their current size. This is vital when finding the right home for them. It also helps to prepare for transporting the pigs when the time comes. (Photos with people in them do not need to be shared publicly, but they are necessary for us to find them the perfect home. Please let us know if you would prefer these photos be kept private.)

You can submit these photographs by emailing us directly at Please put the names of the pigs in subject line of your email.

Rehoming Application Form

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Please tell us about each pig individually
You may have male and female pigs with only the males (or some of them) neutered
Are they up to date with vaccinations?
If they are not up to date with vaccinations, are you willing to vaccinate them prior to rehoming?
Are they up to date with worming treatments?
If they are not up to date with worming treatments, are you willing to treat them prior to rehoming?
Do you have a CPH number?
Do you have a herd mark?
If you do not have a CPH number and herd mark, are you willing/able to get one?
Do they have an identifier?
Are you able to transport the pig/s to a new home?
Transportation costs vary, we cannot give you a price at this stage
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