Rehome Your Pigs

If you currently have a pig or pigs in your care that you need to rehome, the first step is to complete our Rehoming Form. Please read everything on this page before filling out your form. You need to have a complete understanding of our rehoming process and what you need to do to successfully apply to use our services.

It is important that you include as much information as possible about your pigs. Not only their age, breed and size but lots of details about their personalities, likes and dislikes.

Every pig deserves of good home

Lots of information makes it easier to generate interest from potential new homes. It also helps us to ensure that the home the pigs go to is the best match. Remember adopting a pig is a big decision. You can help people choose to adopt your pig by giving them lots of details to fall in love with!

Is it an Urgent Rehoming Situation?

We do understand that sometimes rehoming situations are urgent and this cannot be helped. If you do have an urgent situation you can let us know that and we will do our best to prioritise your case. BUT please please do not state that a situation is urgent when it isn’t to try and speed up the process. Remember we are volunteers doing this work unpaid in our free time. All we ask that you do not add to the stress of our work unnecessarily.

Rehoming Photographs

You will need to provide us with several high quality photos of the pigs. We usually require at least three photos of each pig in need of rehoming, as well as a few group shots. Please read the information here for details about the photos we need. Remember, plenty of great photos will increase the chances of adoption.

Rehoming pigs needs good quality photographs
Not a great photo to find potential homes for these pigs
With a photo like this a pig should find a new home in no time
This cheeky chappy should find a forever home in no time

Photographs that demonstrate a pig’s personality are best. Try to show them posing for the camera, playing with their favourite toys and hanging out with their other animal friends. Potential adopters want to get to know the pigs they are inviting into their lives! Details on how to submit photos are provided on the Rehoming Form.

Piggy Profiles

We will create a Piggy Profile which will be added to this website. We will also share the Piggy Profile to our various social media accounts to help their new home find them. Please bear in mind our waiting list is often long. We usually have many times more pigs looking for homes than we do people offering to rehome them. We do everything in our power to make sure every pig is rehomed safely, but it is not a quick and easy process.

Although most sanctuaries are at capacity it is always worth checking, especially if the case is urgent. We ask that you share the social media posts and website profile we create for your pig/s on your own socials and ask others to share too. We are happy help to vet any home offers which may arise.

A New Home

As adoption applications for your pig/s come in we will vet each potential new home thoroughly. When we have found somewhere we think is great match for your pig/s we will contact you to give you the details. If you are happy to proceed with the adoption, we will begin making arrangements to move your pig’s to their new home.

A pig a trailer on her way to a new home
A piggy settles into the trailer on moving day

Arranging Transportation

The precise arrangements around the costs and details of transportation vary, but you should be prepared to cover at least some of the costs of transportation.

A General Movement Licence is required by law in order to transport pigs. If you are the current owner of the pig/s it is your responsibility to arrange the movement licence. You will need your CPH number and herd mark, which you should already have by law. If you do not already have these you should apply for them immediately. More information can be found here. We will be on hand throughout to guide you through the entire process.


We will share some photos and limited information about your pigs’ journey to the success stories areas of the website and our social media. This helps us to continue to build our profile so we can help more pigs! We will not share any information about you personally. Check out our social media for some of our past success stories.

Suggested donation

We do ask those who are able to make a suggested minimum donation of £20 once we have helped to successfully rehome your pig/s. We also ask for a suggested donation of £50 from the people who adopt them. You can read all about what spend our funds on here.