Which Pet Pigs are Best For You?

Every Pig Rescue Service is here to help you find the perfect pet pigs!

Whether you have kept pet pigs for years or you are hoping to invite pigs into your life for the first time, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our number one goal is to help you figure out which pet pigs are best for you!

Which pet pig is best for you?
Which pet pig is best for you?

Are you thinking about offering a home to pigs for the first time but aren’t sure where to start? Why not have a chat with one of our volunteers?

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Single Pigs

Pigs are social animals and they need other pigs around them to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. Many of our single pigs are looking for new homes because they are lonely and need to move somewhere they can live with at least one other pig. We will never rehome a pig somewhere they will live alone permanently. If you are able to offer a home to two of our single pigs, you will not be required to adopt them both at the same time, but a second pig should be adopted within a reasonable window of time.

Pigs who have never met before must be introduced gradually. You can read our section on Pig Introductions to help you decide whether you can facilitate this successfully.

Looking for a companion for a pig already in your care? We will be delighted to discuss any of our Single Pigs with you and how you can give them a new friend for life.

Pet pigs are always happier with friends
Pet pigs are always happier with friends

Pairs and Groups

Don’t have the temporary separate spaces needed to give unfamiliar pigs the time to adjust to their new friends? Check out our already bonded Pairs of Pigs or Groups of Pigs

Already set up and ready to welcome new pigs into your life immediately? Please check out our Urgent Cases, you could save a pig’s life!

We need short and long-term foster carers to help us out in emergency situations. Please look at the information here to see if you can help us save pigs in need.

Pet Pigs Near You

You can check here to see if there are any pigs near you. Please feel free to have a look at all of the pigs we have in need of homes. If you find pigs that are better suited to you further away, we will try our best to get them to you. Matching our pigs to their perfect homes is always our number one priority.

How to Adopt Pet Pigs

You can visit our Adopt a Pig page to read all about how our process works. We cannot proceed with any adoption application without a completed vetting form. You can fill out our General Application Form or you can submit the forms attached to the Piggy Profiles. We will be happy to discuss any and every aspect of pig adoption with you once we receive your completed vetting form.

Please ensure you have carefully read and considered all of the information in our Pig Care section before applying for any of our pigs.