Current Cases

Every Pig Rescue Service aims to leave no pig behind. Sadly, we are sometimes asked to rehome pigs who require veterinary care before, or immediately after, being placed in a new home. With financial times being as tough as they are at the moment, these pigs are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to potential adoption.

Regular contributions towards our organisation help us create a safety net to catch these piggies before they fall through the cracks.

We are all volunteers. Everything from the website, to our social media and all of the hours of case work for the pigs, is done completely free for the love of the cause. Below you will find some of the current cases for which we have been asked to provide financial support. Every penny of every donation goes directly towards helping these pigs and many more like them.


Percy currently lives on a working farm and he is believed to be suffering from a dislocated hip. Possibly because of this injury he can no longer be used for breeding. His owners have given us permission to have him assessed by a vet which we have already arranged. We will also be allowed to rehome him and provide any medical treatment he may need.

As an intact male, the cost of his castration will need be covered on top of what may well be very pricey ongoing treatment for his injury. All this along with the cost of relocating him, means there are likely to be a lot of expenses involved in giving this beautiful boy the retirement he deserves.

Estimated cost – TBC

Margot and Gerty

Margot and Gerty are currently in foster care and are in need of a visit from the vet. Recently, Margot has been showing some signs of aggression. We need to get her looked at to ensure she is not in any kind of pain which may account for her behaviour.

They are currently being kept separate, and poor Gerty is very lonely. We would like to try and get this issue resolved as quickly as possible for both of them.

Estimated cost – £270


Beautiful little Peanut was bought as a Teacup Pig. As is always the case, he grew larger than his unscrupulous sellers promised.

Originally raised in the house, when he got too big he was moved to the garden by himself. Poor Peanut doesn’t understand why he can no longer be indoors with his family. He is terribly lonely outside by himself.

We have a new home with a lovely piggy named Cilla all ready and waiting for him but we need to have him castrated first. His better life is just within arm’s (trotter’s) reach!

Estimated cost – £300