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Every pig deserves a home

Every Pig Rescue Service is a small, volunteer-run organisation finding homes for pigs in need all across the UK. If you are hoping to adopt pigs we are here to help you every step of the way.

Please consider donating to help us rehome pigs who don’t have anyone else to help them. You can read all about what your money will go towards here.

Are you thinking about offering a home to pigs for the first time but aren’t sure where to start? Why not have a chat with one of our volunteers?

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Can you offer a home to any of our Urgent Cases?

Pigs available for adoption in the East Midlands

URGENT CASE – Daisy, Lily, Poppy and Violet

Location: Chesterfield

Breed: Saddleback

Age: 3.5 Years

Size: approx 32 inches in height

Their current owner is dealing with very serious health problems.

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Location: Suffolk

Breed: Pot belly x Kune kune

Age: Approx 7/8 years

Size: 26 inches in height

These girls have lost the land they live on to a property developer.

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Pig in East Yorkshire

Location: East Yorkshire

Breed: Large White mix

Age: 3 years

Size: Approx 140 kg

Baby is a breeding sow who is being given the chance to retire to a good life.

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