Urgent Cases

At Every Pig Rescue Service we often deal with urgent cases of pigs who need new homes fast. We have saved pigs from a variety of terrible situations, but there are always more that need our help.

If you are already set up to take on pigs straight away, please consider prioritising the urgent cases below. You may well help us to save their lives!

An urgent case. Two sows use for breeding need our help
Two sows used for breeding
This pig chewed a hole in a wall to try to escape his confinement

(Don’t worry, we rescued the pigs in the above photos and they are now living wonderful lives with wonderful people)

We are often contacted by people who tell us that if a new home for their pigs cannot be found quickly then those pigs will be killed. We also take on cases from farms, abandoned pigs, pigs currently living in unsuitable conditions and any number of other situations where time is of the essence. It is one of the most stressful parts of our work, but it also the most rewarding. Nothing compares to seeing a pig who was previously in dire straits living a good, safe life.

Please read and carefully consider all of the information in our Pig Care section before beginning the application process.

Urgent cases are often our most expensive and usually we are the pigs’ last hope. Please consider donating to help us save the lives of pigs in desperate need.

Urgent cases currently looking for homes

Pigs available for adoption in the East Midlands

URGENT CASE – Daisy, Lily, Poppy and Violet

Location: Chesterfield

Breed: Saddleback

Age: 3.5 Years

Size: approx 32 inches in height

Their current owner is dealing with very serious health problems.

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Pigs available for adoption in South West England

URGENT CASE – Spotty Dotty and Babe

Location: Salisbury

Breed: Gloucester Old Spot

Age: 18 months

Size: Approx 2.5 ft high by 5ft long

These two sisters have been saved from slaughter and need a safe home quickly.

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Pig in East Yorkshire

Location: East Yorkshire

Breed: Large White mix

Age: 3 years

Size: Approx 140 kg

Baby is a breeding sow who is being given the chance to retire to a good life.

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