Single Pet Pigs

We simply cannot say it enough – pigs need other pig friends. Many of the single pet pigs listed here are in need of new homes because they are lonely and unhappy in their current situation.

If you are looking for a single pig as a companion for a pig currently in your care, we can help you decide on the best possible match to give them the best chance at a long and happy life together.

If you do not currently have any pigs at all but think you are able to facilitate successful Introductions between two unfamiliar pigs then please fill out our General Application Form and include the the names of any particular pigs you might have your heart set on.

Single pet pigs need other pig friends
Pigs need other pig companionship

If you only have the space and facilities for a single pet pig long-term then, unfortunately, offering a permanent home to pig may not be for you. However, you could be a perfect candidate to become a foster carer for single pigs who need an emergency safe haven. Please check out our Foster Care information and contact us if you think you can help us in this vital aspect of our work.

Please read and carefully consider all of the information in our Pig Care section before beginning the application process.

Single pigs currently looking for new homes

Pig in East Yorkshire


Location: East Yorkshire

Breed: Large White mix

Age: 3 years

Size: Approx 140 kg

Baby is a breeding sow who is being given the chance to retire to a good life.

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Location: Somerset

Breed: Unknown mix

Age: 5 years

Size: approx 2 ft in height

The property where Pixie lives is being sold very soon!

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Pig in Cheshire


Location: Cheshire

Breed: Gloucester Old Spot

Age: 2 years

Size: Approx 160 kg

Roger needs to move somewhere he can live with another pig. We think he is a perfect match for Shye.

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Location: York

Breed: Large White/Gloucester Old Spot mix

Age: 2 years

Size: Approx 150 kg

Shye needs to move somewhere she can live with another pig. We think she is a perfect match for Roger.

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