Rehoming Application Form

Please read the information here before completing the form.

We require at least two photos of each individual pig, but we recommend more. Please try to get photographs which include the full body of the entire pig as well as photos where their faces are clearly visible. If you are applying to rehome a pair or group of pigs, we require a group shot of them to use as the header picture for their profile. Please make the name of each photo the name of the pig/s shown in it.

You can submit these photographs by emailing us directly at Please put the names of the pigs in subject line of your email.

When filling out this form please give us a much detail as possible. Good photographs and lots of information play a vital role in the success of the adoption process.

We are aware that sometimes people contact us about stray pigs, pigs they do not own but are concerned about the welfare of, or other situations in which they may not be able to provide as much detail. If this applies to you, please fill out the form to the best of your ability and we will discuss any issues with you after we receive your submission.

We cannot process your application to rehome without photographs. We need a variety of photographs to build an attractive profile in order to encourage adoption.

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Please provide the name of each pig
Your Name
Please try to be specific. It is difficult for us to process applications that just say ASAP
Please provide the sex of each pig individually
Please provide the age of each pig individually
Please provide the breed of each pig individually
Please provide the size of each pig individually
Please tell us about each pig individually
You may have male and female pigs with only the males (or some of them) neutered
Are they up to date with vaccinations?
If they are not up to date with vaccinations, are you willing to vaccinate them prior to rehoming?
Are they up to date with worming treatments?
If they are not up to date with worming treatments, are you willing to treat them prior to rehoming?
Do you have a CPH number?
Do you have a herd mark?
If you do not have a CPH number and herd mark, are you willing/able to get one?
Do they have an identifier?
Are you able to transport the pig/s to a new home?
Transportation costs vary, we cannot give you a price at this stage
I have read and agree to the Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Please be aware that as a rescue and rehoming service we do not support the slaughter or breeding of animals. By submitting this form you confirm and agree that any animals within your care are kept as companion animals and are not/will not be used for the purpose of breeding or consumption, human or otherwise.