Rehomed Pigs

Here you can see all of the the pigs we have rehomed since launching this website in November of 2023.

Please note this service previously ran under the name Pigs in the Wood Rehoming Service. We estimate that since its inception in 2019 this service has successfully rehomed approximately 300 pigs.

For more details on our past cases and more in-depth information on all of our successful cases, follow us on social media.

Pigs rehomed in 2023

Samwise was sold as a teacup pig and had to be rehomed when he grew to be the size of a adult pig
Samwise and Mr Frodo. two pigs safe and together in their forever home.

Samwise (previously Thor)

Breed: Juliana

Age: 1 year

Rehomed: November 2023

Samwise was sold as a teacup/micro pig, with guarantees that he would stay small forever and be able to live happily indoors like a dog. Fast-forward one year and his owner contacted us desperate for help with a full grown pig who was in no way suited to living in her terraced house and tiny garden. Unable to find help anywhere else his owner had been trying to sell him on various internet sites. Fortunately, we knew just the place for him and just the piggy who was in need of a friend.

We quickly got him moved to the same location as Frodo (see below) and gave the boys’ fanstastic new carers guidance on keeping them separate to allow for gradual introductions – but the boys had other plans. Within 48 hours they had said a decided “no, thank you” to gradual introductions and broken through the fence to be together. They have been inseparable and the best of buddies ever since.

We are still saddened to think of the loss of Frodo’s brother, but our hearts are healed a little more with every update we get on the adventures of Samwise and Mr Frodo.

Pigs in Cheshire
Frodo pig safely rehomed

Frodo (previously Bill and Ted)

Breed: Juliana

Age: 1 year

Rehomed: November 2023

We were contacted about these two brothers who were malnourished and living in unsafe conditions. We were working hard to find a safe place for them when, just days before they were due to move, one of them unexpectedly passed away. We were devastated, not only at the loss of life but at the fact that one of the pigs was now alone.

While our main concern was to get the remaining boy to safety, we were also desperate to get him some company ASAP. He was welcomed in by a fantastic couple who had a great spot for him among their other rescued animals; including sheep, geese and shetland ponies.

He was understandably very shy and wary when he first arrived in his new home but he was safe. For us, the search was on to find him a new buddy.

Pig in Merseyside
A rehomed pig with her adopted brother

Priscilla (previously Princess)

Breed: Kunekune Mix

Age: 1 year

Rehomed: November 2023

Priscilla was living in a small concrete yard with only a small plastic playhouse with no straw for shelter.

She was rehomed to a wonderful family. We’ve had numerous update videos from them featuring Cilla being given all of the love, care and attention she deserves! She’s a very playful girl who (rightfully) steals hours of time from her doting new family.

Priscilla quickly bonded with the her new family’s current piggy, Gilbert. Sadly, beautiful boy Gilly had a problem with his heart, which his family had been unaware of. Despite their absolute best efforts Gilly passed away shortly before Christmas 2023. We were completely broken-hearted to hear of their loss but it was bittersweet to know that he had Cilla by his side to keep him warm and comforted in his final days.

When the family are ready, we will be here to help them to find a new friend for Cilla.

Two of the three piglets on the day they were rescued
Three piglets rescued from hunters and rehomed to a sanctuary

Joni, Hope and Ziggy

Breed: Large White

Age: 7 weeks

Rescued: November 2023

We were notified via our social media of three piglets who had been abandoned in some woods. We also received word that a group of local hunters had made plans to go after them with dogs, one of the piglets already had a serious neck wound from a previous attack. Within 24 hours one of our volunteers was on the scene and, with the help of some wonderful people from the nearby village, had the piglets safely captured.

They were taken in by the amazing folk at Pigs in the Wood Sanctuary, where they will stay for the rest of their lives. They are now fully healed and healthy and busy causing all of the mischief and mayhem that young piggies should!