Pigs looking for homes in the South East

All of the pigs below are currently located in the South East of England.

Pig in Southampton

Dizzy and Loco

Location: Southampton

Breed: Pot Belly Mix

Age: 10 years

Size: Approx 180 kg

These two sisters need new home as the charity where they currently live is downsizing.

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Single pig available to adopt in Rochester, South East England

Penelope – Home Pending

Location: Rochester

Breed: Juliana

Age: 5 years

Size: Approx 22 inches in height

Penelope needs a home with a piggy friend.

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Niko and Patty

Location: West Sussex


Breed: Kunekune Mix

Age: 6 years

Size: 30 inches high x 48 inches long


Breed: Juliana Mix

Age: 6 years

Size: 24 inches high x 30 inches long

Niko and Patty need a new home due to flooding.

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