Thinking of Buying a Pet Pig?

Are you looking at pigs for sale? If you are thinking of buying a pet pig, we urge you to work with us to adopt a pig instead.

We may ask for help covering essential costs, but we never make a single penny of personal profit from our cases. Every member of our team is a volunteer. They generously give their time for the love and rewards of the work itself.

It is tempting to buy that sweet little piglet you are looking at on a personal selling site. But, when you buy a piglet from a private seller, it can be impossible to tell what kind of unethical behaviours you may be accidentally supporting.

Thinking of buying an adorable piglet? perhaps, think again.
This adorable piglet could reach 100kg in weight as an adult

Parent pigs are often kept in terrible conditions and sold for slaughter when they have ceased to be useful. Profit-motivated sellers will also have little compunction around breeding unhealthy pigs. They often select for breeding based on aesthetics rather than health. These sellers will often disappear if you try to contact them with any problems you may encounter once you get you new piglets home. Even more ‘reputable’ sellers with fancy website won’t be always be entirely honest because they are always a business first. Pigs need friends. If a seller is willing to sell you a lone pig they are more interested in profit than pig welfare.

Adopt don’t shop!

Pigs for sale can become pigs in need of new homes
Are you ready to care for a fully-grown pig for the rest of his or her life?

At Every Pig Rescue Service we ensure you have a completely realistic understanding of everything involved in pet pig ownership. With us you can be sure you are in a position to be able to take care of pigs for the rest of their lives. We take into account your personal situation and match you with the pigs who are best suited to you, your space, and your life.

We will tell you whether a pig has any health or behavioural issues, something those selling pigs will rarely do. Our volunteers are here to support you, especially in the early days of your piggy journey.

Pigs for sale become pigs in need of new homes

So many of our cases come from people who bought adorable little piglets. They soon realised they didn’t have the time, space or ability to give pigs the care they require once they are fully-grown. By adopting with us you will be giving a home to pigs who are truly in need of one. You will also be helping to stop the unethical breeding and selling of pet pigs. Many of our pigs are young but fully grown, so you won’t have the surprise and stress that comes with watching that tiny piglet outgrow your care abilities.

Did you know that pigs should always be kept in groups of at least two more? You can check out the summary here to get a better understanding of how many pigs are suited to you, your life and space.

For more guidance on what pigs need to be happy and healthy please read and carefully consider all of the information in our Pig Care section.

Thinking of buying Teacup Pig? Please read this first.