Pet Piglets

We very rarely have pet piglets available for adoption. When we do they have often been abandoned and require round-the-clock care. Do you have experience with hand-rearing animals in these circumstances? Would you be interested in being on our back up list for the next time this situation occurs? Contact us here, we’d love to hear from you.

The truth is that people usually acquire pet piglets by buying them. Some of those piglets will end up on our case load once they become full-sized adult pigs.

If you are absolutely set on wanting pet piglets you can apply for our waiting list here. Please bear in mind we are unable to guarantee if or when we will have piglets needing homes. We strongly urge you to consider adopting the pigs we have in need of homes right now.

Some pet piglets end up being rehomed when they are fully grown
Piglets require a lot of care

Young Pigs

You may want young pigs because you want to be able to have a long and happy life with them. At Every Pig Rescue Service we have lots of pigs looking for homes who are only one to two years old. We have a lot of these cases because this is the age that pigs get “too big”. The age that their owners realise that pigs are a lot bigger and require a lot more care, time and space than they were expecting.

If you decide you can’t wait and want to proceed with buying piglets please read our Pig Care information in full. Please be sure that you will be able to provide a good home for pigs for up to 20 years.

Also check out our Teacup Pig page for accurate information about any pigs that may be advertised as Teacup, Miniature or Micro pigs. Being informed in this area is vital for pigs and future owners alike.