Older Pet Pigs

Sometimes people have a wonderful home to offer pigs, but they may not be able to offer that home for the entire duration of a pig’s life. We often have older pet pigs looking for new homes who would be perfect for anyone in this situation. Older pigs will still engage all the same behaviours as any pig, but they may spend a bit more time snoozing and could well need extra protection from the elements when they do so. They will need plenty of access to hard-standing areas to help stave off the arthritis to which all pigs are prone. Joint problems are exacerbated by spending too much time walking in deep mud.

Older pet pigs have just as much love to give
Older pigs still make wonderful pets

Many people prefer to get younger pigs as they, understandably, want to spend as much of their lives together as possible. If you think you might be a candidate to rehome some lovely piggies who may be a bit more senior but still have plenty of life and love left in them please check out the profiles below.

Please read and carefully consider all of the information in our Pig Care section before beginning the application process.

Older pigs currently looking for new homes

Pigs in Southampton

Dizzy and Loco

Location: Southampton

Breed: Potbelly mix

Age: 10 years

Size: Approx 180 kg

These two sisters need new home as the charity where they currently live is downsizing.

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Pigs in Cheshire
Pigs in Cheshire

Bruce, Wayne and Elton

Location: Cheshire


Breed: Kunekune

Age: 13 years

Size: Approx 22 inches in height

Bruce and Wayne

Breed: Kunekune mix

Age: 8 years

Size: Approx 20 inches in height

These three boys need new a home as their current owner is moving house.

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Location: Essex

Breed: Pot Belly

Age: 10 years

Size: Approx 24 inches in height

Vera needs an extra special retirement home.

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Kune kune pigs available for adoption in Essex

Mabel and George

Location: Essex

Breed: Kune kune

Age: 10

Size: Mabel 24 inches high, George 22 inches high

These two sisters need new a home as their current family are moving home.

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