Molly and Daisy

Two large breed pigs available for adoption in Salisbury

Pigs in the South West of England available for adoption

Location: Salisbury

Breed: Large mixed breed

Age: 5 years

Size: Approx 3 ft high by 5ft long

Spayed: No

Health: No known health issues

About Molly and Daisy

These big girls with big hearts have a lot to say for themselves and will happily engage in conversation any time. They will also accompany you on a stroll (if you have a handful of pig nuts). So, if you’ve ever fancied and walk and chat with a pair of piggies, these are the ladies for you!

As sisters, they are incredibly close, with Molly taking the spot as the gentle leader of the pair. These absolute sweethearts love their human company. Belly scratches and bum rubs will never be turned down. Molly and Daisy have been a much-loved and involved part of their family so they are great with children.

Unsurprisingly, they adore food. Sweet fruits such as apples, bananas and pumpkins are big favourites! They have been very well socialised, spending time with dogs, chickens, horses and alpacas.

Their family are incredibly fond of them but they need to relocate overseas and, of course, taking Molly and Daisy isn’t an option.

We’d love to find a new home close to their current location, but if you can offer them the perfect home further away we would still love to hear from you!

Their old home would love updates on them if their new home is willing.

Apply to Adopt

Please note, as well as a completed adoption application form we require several good quality photographs of the areas in which the pigs would live. You should include photographs that give a good idea of the size of the space available, the type and features of the terrain, all shelters that would be accessible by the pigs and the type of containment you will be using (stock-proof fencing, electrical fencing, walls etc.)

You can submit these photographs by emailing us directly at

A member of our team will be in touch once we have received your completed form and photographs.

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If you rent the land the pig/s will live on, do you have permission from your landlord to keep pigs on it for the rest of the pig's life?
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