Groups of Pets Pigs

We are sometimes asked to find new homes for larger groups of pet pigs. These groups often come from farms who have decided to give some or all of their livestock a chance at a good life, or small holdings which are no longer able to accommodate the pigs in their care.

Often in these situations we have to separate very large groups of pigs into pairs or trios. It can be incredibly difficult to rehome large groups of pigs all together. We assess pre-existing bonds between the pigs and try to make sure they each get to be with their best buddy.

If you have space for three or more pigs please check out our piggy profiles below.

Groups of pet pigs need homes with lots of space
A happy trio of pigs enjoying each other’s company

Although it may seem counter intuitive, if you have a lot of space with adjoining fields separated by fencing you could be a perfect candidate for introducing single pigs to one another. We so often have individual pigs on our waiting list for an extended period of time. This is due to the lack of homes capable of managing the gradual introductions they require to form lifelong bonds. So, if you have a fair bit of land, you might able to give lonely single pigs the same-species family they need and deserve. You can read more about pig introductions here and see all of our single pigs currently looking for homes here.

Please read and carefully consider all of the information in our Pig Care section before beginning the application process.

Groups of pigs currently looking for new homes

Bruce, Wayne and Elton

Location: Cheshire


Breed: Kunekune

Age: 13 years

Size: Approx 22 inches in height

Bruce and Wayne

Breed: Kunekune Mix

Age: 8 years

Size: Approx 20 inches in height

These three boys need new a home as their current owner is moving house.

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