Find Pet Pigs Near You

You can find pet pigs near you
Your perfect pigs could be closer than you think!

Here you can check all of our active cases to find pet pigs near you. There are advantages to pigs’ new homes being close to their current location. It costs money to transport pigs and shorter journeys are less expensive. If neither the new home, nor the current owner, have their own means of pig transportation we may be able to help organise this, but we will likely ask for a contribution towards the costs from one or both parties involved. Shorter journeys are also less stressful for the pigs, especially in more extreme weather conditions.

However, if you find pigs that are best suited to you further away and we agree that you are great match for them, we will endeavour to get them to you. The number one priority for us is always to get pigs into their perfect homes.

Are you thinking about offering a home to pigs for the first time but aren’t sure where to start? Why not have a chat with one of our volunteers?

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Pigs near you

Please check below to find pigs that are looking for a home in your region. Non-clickable links indicate there are currently no pigs in that region needing homes. Check back soon, we add new pigs all the time!

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Please note all map locations are approximate as we do not give out the exact addresses of our cases publicly

Your land, space and facilities set up, time availability and previous experience with pigs will all factor into the potential success of match. You can check the information here to see what pigs might be best suited to you. Be sure to thoroughly read and consider all of the information in our Pig Care section before you begin the application process.

If you are already set up to take in pigs immediately, please check our Urgent Cases to see whether you could save pigs whose lives are in danger or who are currently living in unsuitable conditions.