Every Pig Rescue Service runs entirely on donations. Every member of our small team is a volunteer. We love, love, love what we do but we could do so much more if we had more funds. If you choose to donate to us, every single penny we receive will be spent on getting pigs into safe, loving forever homes.

Donate to help us save pigs!

We are a newly independent organisation (you can read about our history here) and, as such, we do not have any regular donors or sources of funding.

You can make a one-off donation to support our work in general. If you have seen a particular case on our website or social media that you would like to support, you can add a note to your donation to let us know.

You can also choose to support us longer term by checking the box to donate a specified amount to us on a monthly basis.

Whatever you can give is so very gratefully received.

What do we spend the money on currently?


One of our biggest expenses is transporting pigs from one location to another. This can be anything from pitching in smaller amounts to help pay for the fuel, to renting full-sized trailers or horse boxes to move larger breeds or more than one pig at a time. These kinds of rentals cost several hundred pounds per journey.

Medical care

Fortunately, we do not currently encounter too many pigs that require medical care. Generally speaking they are very healthy, robust creatures. However, we would love to have enough money put away that if we do need to call in the vet, we can do so immediately without having to raise funds beforehand.


We are asked to find new homes for entire male pigs fairly regularly. This can be difficult to do. Due to the fact that they have not been castrated, these pigs have often been living alone for some time. We do not rehome pigs anywhere they will live by themselves permanently, we firmly believe all pigs require same-species companionship. Obviously, in-tact males cannot be rehomed with female pigs. While aggression with other males is by no means guaranteed with uncastrated pigs, the chances do increase. Even without aggression, there will very likely be some amount of unwanted humping behaviours, which can cause unintentional injuries.

Even though some of the sweetest, most gentle pigs we have met have been uncastrated males, potential adopters can still be nervous about taking them on. We can increase these pigs’ chances of adoption significantly if we are able to arrange for them to be neutered.

Stray and abandoned pigs

Occasionally we get reports of stray pigs. These pigs are at great risk of being hurt or killed and we will always do everything in our power to find these pigs and get them somewhere safe. This, of course, can require vehicles, equipment, emergency safe havens and medical care for any pigs that have been injured and become unwell during their time in the wild.

You can find information on some of the individual cases that Every Pig Rescue Service is currently funding here.

What would we like to spend money on in the future?

Our own transport

Our very own specialist transport is one of our main long-term goals. As well as making the movement process easier, having our own means of transportation would free up some of the time we currently spend trying to co-ordinate and fund raise for transport. We could then dedicate that time to finding more great homes for pigs in need!

Foster care support

At the moment we are unable to offer financial support to our foster carers to help with the day-to-day costs of pig care, although we do cover any large or unexpected costs. We would love to be able to better support our foster carers in the vital work they do. Not only would this allow our current carers to potentially help more pigs, it could help us to attract new emergency safe havens for pigs.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please read our Pig Care and Foster Care information.

At home support

From time to time we are contacted by people who ask us to help them to rehome their pigs because they are struggling to afford to feed them. In these circumstances we would like to be able to offer to purchase food to ensure that the pigs are properly cared for while we work out our next steps.