Billy and Wilbur

Pair of piglets available to adopt in Portsmouth

Two piglets available to adopt in Portsmouth, South East England

Breed: Small breed mix

Age: 7 months

Size: Approx 10kg

Castrated: Yes

Health: No known health issues

About Billy and Wilbur

In January of this year, a kind-hearted family rescued two female pigs from horrendous living conditions. Both girls were both pregnant and, thanks to this family, they were able to have their babies in safety and warmth.

Two beautiful, healthy litters of piglets joined the family who, as much as they loved them, simply didn’t have room to keep them all. Wonderful homes have been found for most of the piglets, Billy and Wilbur are the only two remaining.

Both boys have had a lot of human contact and affection so they are very friendly. We just know there is a home out there ready for all of the joy and love that Billy and Wilbur will bring.

Billy – A total sweetheart. Loves his tummy rubs and enjoys cuddles. He is very polite and will sit for treats and even give you a little spin for premium snacks!

Wilbur – Also very loving. He will sit on your lap for a cuddle and loves tummy rubs. Much like his brother, Billy, he is very polite and will sit patiently for his treats (jam tarts being a favourite!) 

Both boys are neutered, up to date with worming and vaccinated.

They are also used to being around other piggies and get along well with dogs. 

Having seen all of their brothers and sisters leave to their new, forever homes, they are ready and waiting for their perfect home to come along too!