Big Pigs

Save a pig from slaughter

We often have large breed pigs in need of homes here at Every Pig Rescue Service. Most of them are currently at risk of being sent to slaughter or have been saved from slaughter previously and now need a new forever home. Our foster spaces are frequently taken by big pigs who were given a deadline to find safety or face the abattoir. If you can offer a home to larger breed pigs, you may save not just their life, but the lives of future pigs who desperately need our foster spaces.

Help us save a pig from slaughter
Can you help us save pigs like Tilly from slaughter?

Considerations for Big Pigs

Adopting a large ‘commercial’ breed pig, as opposed to smaller “pet” breeds, primarily means accommodating their size. Not just the size of the pigs, but of everything around them. Unsurprisingly, they need more outdoor space, larger shelters, and more food. All the same things you will read about in our Set Up Guide and Pig Care Guide, but bigger and/or more of it!

Understanding the body language of pigs is key to a successful relationship
Understanding pigs’ body language is key to success

All pigs can be pushy, especially around food, and big pigs are no exception. The difference is that larger breed pigs have a lot more size and weight to put behind a push. Experience is certainly a bonus but not an absolute necessity, particularly if you have experience with other large animals (e.g. horses) or animals prone to being pushy or boisterous (e.g. goats). The key, as with caring for any animal, is getting to know them and their body language and ensuring you are mitigating any risks around food. 

The joys of Big Pigs

Despite their size, large breed pigs bring an immense amount of joy and love to a home. They are just as fun and playful as smaller breeds, and equally intelligent and emotionally sensitive. Their capacity for affection is boundless. Watching a large pig delight in a mud bath, run joyfully around a pasture, or snuggle up for a belly rub is always incredibly heartwarming. Their unique personalities shine through in every interaction, providing endless entertainment and companionship.

Large breed pig are intelligent and affectionate beings who truly love the humans in their lives
A cuddle with a big pig is an experience like no other

The bonds formed with these gentle giants are profound. They thrive on social interaction and respond with loyalty and affection to the love and care they receive. Adopting a large breed pig not only saves a life but also enriches yours with their quirky, loving, and often hilarious personalities. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve given a deserving animal a second chance at life, coupled with the daily joys they bring, makes the experience truly rewarding.

In essence, the joy and love that a big pig can bring into your life are immeasurable. Their playful antics, combined with their gentle and affectionate nature, make them extraordinary companions. By opening your heart and home to a large breed pig, you not only provide them with a safe haven but also invite a unique and deeply rewarding experience into your life.

If you have space in your life and heart for big pigs, please check out the profiles below.

Pig in East Yorkshire


Location: East Yorkshire

Breed: Large White mix

Age: 3 years

Size: Approx 36 inches high, 72 inches long

Baby is a breeding sow who is being given the chance to retire to a good life.

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Location: Cheshire


Breed: Gloucester Old Spot

Age: 2

Size: approx 160 kg


Breed: Large white/Gloucester old spot mix

Age: 2 years

Size: Approx 150 kg

Spayed: No

Roger and Shye need a new home due to a house move.

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Pigs in the East of England available for adoption

Silky and Piggy

Location: Southend

Breed: Gloucester Old Spot

Age: 7

Size: approx 3ft in height

These two sisters need new a home as their current family are moving home.

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Two pet saddleback pigs available to adopt in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

Walter and Basil

Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon

Breed: Saddleback

Age: Approx 3 years

Size: 30 inches in height and 48 inches in length

These brothers are in foster care after being rescued from serious neglect.

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Pigs available for adoption in Salisbury

Molly and Daisy

Location: Salisbury

Breed: Large mixed breed

Age: 5 years

Size: Approx 3 ft high

These two sisters’ family are relocating overseas

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Eugene and Elizabeth

Location: South West Wales

Breed: Saddleback

Age: 3

Size: Approx 32 inches in height

This brother and sister duo need a new home due to their current carers poor health.

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Pig available for adoption in South West Wales

Percy – Home Pending

Location: South West Wales

Breed: Tamworth

Age: 3

Size: Approx 34 inches in height

Percy is being retired from farm breeding due to a hip injury.

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