Become a Foster Carer

At Every Pig Rescue Service we are sometimes we are contacted by people regarding pigs who have a very limited time window to get to safety. This can be due to the death of their owners, evictions, farm rescues or any number of other reasons. In situations like these, having reliable foster carers around the UK becomes vital. With sanctuaries everywhere filled beyond capacity, pigs in these emergency situations are often in very real danger of being killed. Even people who have had their pet pigs for many years will sometimes tell us that they will have their pigs destroyed if we do not find them a new home in very short time-span. If you think you could become a foster carer for pigs we’d love to hear from you. You can drop us a message here or fill out the following form.

Wonderful foster carers are vital to our work keeping pigs safe and healthy

In emergency situations we do absolutely everything we can to get the pigs to immediate safety whilst we figure out a long-term plan. Foster carers allow us to get the pigs out of harm’s way while we search to find them their perfect forever home. Unfortunately, we currently have a very limited number of foster care spaces. We are in desperate need of more wonderful volunteers to aid us in the work we do.

Fostering pigs can be a very rewarding experience

Can you help?

You do not need to have prior experience with pigs. We will guide you through the entire process of becoming set up to be a safe haven for pigs in need of second chance. We will be available to answer any questions or help you in any way you need at any time.

Currently, we cannot offer to cover all of the day-to-day costs of foster care. We simply do not have the funds. But we will always try to help out with any sudden or especially large costs you may incur such as emergency vet visits.

To begin the process please complete and submit the following form.