Adopt Piglets

We sometimes have piglets available to adopt. These are always from accidental pregnancies and we make every effort to ensure that steps are taken to prevent any further litters. We also do all we can to make certain that the parent pigs are safe and healthy.

It is important to bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the exact adult size of any piglets you may adopt. We can tell you broadly whether they are large or small breed pigs. We may often be able to tell you the size of one or both parent pigs. However, the lineage of domestic pet pigs is often a mix of different breeds, pure breeds are rare. It is impossible to determine which genes will express themselves in each individual piglet.

Adopt piglets from Every Pig Rescue Service

When adopting piglets you must be prepared to offer a suitable home to at least two adult pigs for the rest of their lives. Please read our Set Up Guide for more information. So many of our cases are the result of people acquiring piglets without being sure they are in a position to provide good long-term accommodation and care.

Buying Piglets

If we don’t currently have piglets available to adopt we, of course, ask that you consider offering a home to the other pigs we have in desperate need of them. Buying piglets supports industry and practices which are detrimental to pigs. Those who sell piglets for profit have little care for the suitability of the homes they go to. Although you may be able to provide a wonderful home the next buyer may not, and piglet sellers will make no effort to differentiate between you. We have rescued many pigs from conditions which were so unsuitable they were, sadly, abusive. These pigs were almost always purchased from breeders who had no care for their long-term well being. Please do not support them by helping them to profit and perpetuate their business.

See below for piglets we currently have in need of homes near. We may be able to arrange transport for piglets to great homes further away.

Piglets currently looking for new homes

Piglets available to adopt in Yorkshire/Lancashire

Nine Piglets

Location: Manchester

Breed: Small breed mix

Age: Approx 14 weeks

Rescued from an over-breeding/hoarding situation

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