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Are you thinking about offering a home to pigs for the first time but aren’t sure where to start? Why not have a chat with one of our volunteers?

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Initial Stages

If you would like to adopt a pig or pigs with Every Pig Rescue Service please thoroughly our Set Up Guide and Pig Care information. If you think you are able to offer a great home, you can fill out an application form. Each piggy profile has its own form, or you can fill out our General Adoption Application form. We will use the information provided to match you with your perfect pig/s.

Great photographs help to decide who can adopt a pig
We use photos to assess the suitability of applications

You will need to provide several photographs of the areas in which the pigs will live along with your application form. Every Pig Rescue Service covers the whole of the UK and it is not always possible for us to conduct in-person home checks. We may use photographs and application forms to assess the suitability of potential homes. We care deeply about every pig we rehome, so please try to be as thorough as possible when providing assessment material.

While you are waiting to hear from us you should make sure that you have all of the necessary documentation in order. Everyone who keeps pigs in the UK is required by law to have a CPH number and herd mark. You can find more information on how to go about acquiring these here. You do not need to have these in place at the beginning of the application process, but they will be required in order to complete an adoption.

Phone Call

Once we have completed our initial assessments, a member of our team will contact you by phone. We may need to seek further clarification on some issues or simply have a chat about how we are going to proceed with your application.

If your application is unsuccessful we will email you to let you know. Although we will try to explain the reasoning behind our rejection of an application whenever possible, we do reserve the right to reject any application without further explanation.

Adopt a pig today!
Most pigs stay in their current home until they are adopted

Every Pig Rescue Service does not currently have the land necessary to keep pigs while we are finding their new homes. We try to find new homes for pigs that are a reasonable distance from their current location. In most cases pigs will stay in their current homes until a suitable match can be found for them. In emergency cases we do have a few foster spaces we can use but we always need more. If you think you might be able to offer a temporary home to a pig who is in an unsafe situation then we would love to hear from you! Please check out our foster care information here.

Once we are satisfied that you are a great match for a pig or pigs we have looking for a new home, we will contact the current owner to tell them all about you. If they are happy to proceed we will usually put the two of you in contact with one another. This allows both parties to ask any further questions they may have, so you can both decide you are happy to move forward with the process.


Transportation arrangements can vary from case to case. Sometimes the current owner is able to bring the pig/s to their new home, sometimes the adopters are able to collect them. If neither party is able to arrange transportation we will help out in any way we can. We may be able to do the actual transportation ourselves or aid in finding rental transport. The costs of transportation can vary. Generally speaking, we encourage both parties to contribute as much as they can financially in order to get the pig/s to their new home.

Transportation arrangements are important in pig adoption
A piggy snoozes on her way to a new home

A movement licence is required by law to transport pigs in the UK. Organising this is usually the responsibility of the current owner, but they will require your full name, CPH number, herd mark and address. When the pigs arrive on your property you must register them to your land within 30 days but we recommend doing so as soon as possible.


If you already have a pig or pigs in your care you should be fully prepared for introductions before the new pig/s arrive. We advocate for every pig to have same-species companionship and introductions are a vital part of successful integration between unfamiliar pigs. You can read all about how to go about preparing for and carrying out successful introductions here. You do not not need to alter your set up permanently, just long enough for the pigs to get to know each other. We are always happy to discuss how you can go about moderating your space to create happy, bonded pigs!

Adopted pigs sometimes require introductions
Separate fenced areas are big a part of introductions

Final steps

We love lots of updates about how our piggies are settling in to their new forever homes. As many photos and videos as you care to send are always happily received by us. We will usually make a post on our social media to update our followers on another successful rehoming! You can check out our social media here.

Adoption fee/donation

We ask for a minimum £50 donation for each successful adoption. That is per adoption not per pig, as each adoption process usually requires the same amount of time from us, whether it be for one pig or four! This can be waived in certain circumstances, for example if you adopt one our Urgent Cases or if the cost of transportation has been particularly high for you. You can read all about where donations go here.