About Us

Every Pig Rescue Service is a small team of volunteers who work year round to help pigs find their forever homes.

Sanctuaries all across the UK are filled to capacity. Every Pig Rescue Service takes on cases from private owners who can no longer provide care, farms giving pigs a second chance, pigs found abandoned; every pig who needs our help to find their forever home.

Every Pig Rescue Service helps a pig settle into its forever home
One of our volunteers help a pig settle into a new home

How Every Pig Rescue Service Works

We do not rehome from a sanctuary. The vast majority of our cases stay in their current home until we are able to find their new, permanent home. Most of our pigs are placed with private owners who use our service to adopt them. Every Pig Rescue Service is the connection between pigs who need homes and people who want to provide them.

On average, we receive three rehoming requests every week, many of which are urgent. Our volunteers learn all about the pigs so they can find them the best place to live. This website and our social media help us to find potential new homes and every potential new home is thoroughly vetted. Every pig goes to the place best suited to them. We pride ourselves on never giving up on a pig in need!

We sometimes deal with emergency cases where pigs need to be placed into foster care for their safety. If you think you could be a Foster Carer you could be vital to the ongoing success of our work.